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Fundraising for Rural Nonprofits

Fundraising for Rural Nonprofits My nonprofit is in a poor, rural community. What type of fundraisers work well in areas like this? Ask. The basic step of fundraising is to start from within and work out. Start with your Board and ask them to write a letter requesting donations from 5-10 of their family and [...]

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Protecting Your Nonprofit from Sexual Misconduct

Protecting Your Nonprofit from Sexual Misconduct Does your nonprofit have safeguards in place to help prevent sexual misconduct? Over the weekend, 76 people were arrested and 13 children were rescued or identified as victims during Operation Southern Impact II.  One of the alleged perpetrators was a nonprofit employee and another was a pastor. Sometimes the [...]

Free Resources for Nonprofits

One of the biggest challenges in starting or operating a nonprofit is funding. There are endless blogs, articles, and resources regarding funding and grants. But how do you stretch your shoestring budget to its maximum capacity? Fortunately, there are plenty of free resources for nonprofits to assist you optimize your budget. Free Resources Available TechSoup [...]

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Millennials & Your Nonprofit

As of 2017, Millennials have the largest buying power in the U.S. Gone are the days of alone targeting the baby boomer population. So, what is the best way to tap into this resource for your nonprofit? Millennials don't support organizations. They support causes. If they are passionate about your cause, they will broadcast it [...]

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Should Your Nonprofit Hire an Intern?

Is your nonprofit considering an internship program? Are you aware of what legal issues to consider when hiring interns? Internships provide an excellent opportunity for college and graduate students. Nonprofits who hire interns also reap considerable benefits for their organizations. Before hiring your first intern, it’s important to identify the best way to structure your [...]

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How to Protect Your Nonprofit From a Cyber Attack

Does your nonprofit have a cyber security plan? Data thieves and other cyber criminals don’t limit their attacks to large, high-profile organizations. Nonprofit organizations handle volumes of sensitive data every day. Those include donor information, client records, credit card numbers, confidential correspondence (emails, etc), and other transactions. If your nonprofit has a computer network and/or [...]

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5 Building Usage Practices to Implement Now

Is your church or nonprofit organization considering sharing building space for wedding parties and other outside groups? If so, it’s important for you to consider the liabilities that come along with hospitality.  Before opening your doors and rolling out a welcome mat, it's important that your church or nonprofit is protected by safeguards from liability [...]

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Does Your Nonprofit Know What to Do In An Emergency Medical Situation?

An emergency situation is any situation that poses an immediate threat to a person's health, security, property, or environment. Knowing how to assess the signs that make up an emergency will help you know how to handle it. In addition, your nonprofit volunteers, members and leaders should be well-prepared for an emergency situation. According to [...]

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How Your Non-profit Can Increase Donations During the Holiday Season

Are you looking for ways to increase your nonprofit's donations during this holiday season? Not only is the holiday season officially underway, but so is the time for end of the year giving. The month of December is the most critical time of the year for your nonprofit organization. A significant amount of donors wait [...]

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Social Media Tips for Your Non-Profit

Are looking for social media tips for your non-profit? Every nonprofit relies on various marketing efforts to attract donors and volunteers. Social media is an excellent tool that can be used to reach more people. Social media is beneficial because it can save you time and money while helping to grow your organization. Which social [...]

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