Protecting Your Nonprofit from Sexual Misconduct

Protecting Your Nonprofit from Sexual Misconduct Does your nonprofit have safeguards in place to help prevent sexual misconduct? Over the weekend, 76 people were arrested and 13 children were rescued or identified as victims during Operation Southern Impact II.  One of the alleged perpetrators was a nonprofit employee and another was a pastor. Sometimes the [...]

GuideOne Seminar: Church Security: 5 Things You Need to Know

Given recent events, churches, now more than ever, are reflecting on the security measures they can take to keep their congregations safe. Don't miss this free webinar being presented by GuideOne Insurance. The seminar will go over the best practices for church security. It will also teach you how to start or improve a security [...]

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Free GuideOne Webinar – Minimizing Athletic Risks: Protect Your Student Athletes and Your School

GuideOne is a leader in insuring churches, nonprofits and schools. They offer a variety of insurance and risk management services for their clients and prospective customers. Join them for their upcoming, free webinar -  Minimizing Athletic Risks: Protect Your Student Athletes and Your School. GuideOne is aware that sports-related injuries can be devastating for student [...]

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Free GuideOne Webinar – Prevent Financial Fraud at Your Church

GuideOne is one of the leading insurers of churches. As such, they offer a variety of insurance and risk management services for their clients and prospective customers. Please take advantage of their upcoming webinar highlighting how to protect your ministry from financial fraud. If you would like to learn more about preventing financial fraud, register [...]

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Protecting Your Valentine’s Day Loot

Valentine's Day is coming up, and soon we will be inundated with commercials enticing us to buy jewelry and other expensive items.  In all of the fun and excitement of surprising that someone special in your life, don't forget to make certain that those gifts are properly insured. Homeowners Insurance Coverage Some people think that [...]

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How Can I Get Customized Auto Insurance Rates?

  By now you have probably seen commercials about auto insurance companies using a "device" that you plug into your car to monitor your driving. Do you wonder exactly what the insurance company is monitoring? Is it the right option for you and your family? How can you customize your auto insurance rates? Auto insurance [...]

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5 Building Usage Practices to Implement Now

Is your church or nonprofit organization considering sharing building space for wedding parties and other outside groups? If so, it’s important for you to consider the liabilities that come along with hospitality.  Before opening your doors and rolling out a welcome mat, it's important that your church or nonprofit is protected by safeguards from liability [...]

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Tips for Your Christmas Eve Service

The Christmas season is a great time of year to have an impact on your local community! Christmas Eve services can be an effective outreach tool for your church. Here are 5 tips that will help make your Christmas Eve service event as special as possible. Advertise Whether your church uses direct mail or yard [...]

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Holiday Safety Checklist

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but don’t let your guard down. We all assume our homes are safe until something happens.  National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) statistics indicate that 30% of all home fires and 38% of home fire deaths occur during the months of December, January, and February. Here are some [...]

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How Your Non-profit Can Increase Donations During the Holiday Season

Are you looking for ways to increase your nonprofit's donations during this holiday season? Not only is the holiday season officially underway, but so is the time for end of the year giving. The month of December is the most critical time of the year for your nonprofit organization. A significant amount of donors wait [...]

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