May is national pet month, and whether you are a cat person or a dog person, many pet owners see their pets as more than just four-legged friends that occupy space in their home; they are part of the family. You likely have medical insurance for your spouse and children; why not insure your pet as well?

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

Like paying for medical or car insurance, you’re likely to feel like the money isn’t well spent until an actual emergency comes up. As a matter of fact, most pet insurance policies have low monthly premiums and will allow you to pay for any emergency items such as chronic illness, x-rays, or surgery, should something happen to your furry family member. Consequently, it is important to insure your pet.

What should I look for in a plan to insure my pet?

Similar to finding out which medical insurance makes the most sense for you, look for plans with reasonable deductibles, reimbursement rates, and what type of annual or lifetime limits may apply to the policy. When you insure your pet, our agency has a variety of deductibles, reimbursement rates, and limits for you to choose from.

Additionally, other things to consider when you insure your pet are the breed of your animal – some breeds have medical issues frequently associated with them – English Bulldogs have sinus issues, dachshunds, and some other small dogs tend to have hip problems, etc. In other words, make sure your coverage will be useful if there’s a potential for increased vet visits. Additionally, cats tend to live for a very long time – consider a comprehensive plan that allows for upper age limit pets or one that doesn’t have lifetime caps on reimbursements.

What’s Covered when I insure my pet?

Depending on the type of plan purchased, common plans will cover most services. Like some human insurance, pet insurance usually will not cover treatment for pre-existing conditions. Most plans also do not cover routine well checks or any medicines your pet needs, but some carriers have add-on policies that help cover those costs when you insure your pet.

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Where can you insure your pet?

We insure pets across Georgia – the entire state of Georgia. We insure pets in Acworth, Georgia. We insure pets in Dallas, Georgia. We insure pets in Hiram, Georgia. We insure pets in Cartersville, Ga. We insure pets in Emerson, Georgia. We insure pets in Kennesaw, Georgia. We insure pets in Marietta, Georgia. We insure pets in Metro Atlanta. We insure pets in Eastman, Georgia. We insure pets in Middle Georgia and the Heart of Georgia. We have insurance for dogs. We have insurance for cats.

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