How To Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

As a consumer, you want to know that you’re getting a competitive rate for your auto insurance. You want the best coverage for the best price. When attempting to find “cheap” insurance coverage, follow these tips to make sure you’re not selling yourself (and your coverage) short. Be sure to look for quality coverage and quality service.  Contact a local, independent agent so they can compare coverage against multiple carriers at once.

 In order to properly compare quotes, consumers should follow the following steps:

Compare the same liability limits and coverage.

All auto insurance policies are not the same. Be sure that the quote being provided to you provides you with the same value of your current policy. You want to make sure that your liability limits have not been decreased and that deductibles are comparable. Also, check to see if you have similar endorsements. Many modern policies offer diminishing deductibles and accident forgiveness. Does the policy you are comparing against offer these same coverages?

Check with reputable companies.

You want to know that your insurance carriers is going to be there when you need it. Do your research. Check to see how the carrier you are considering rates in customer service and claims handling. If you are working with a local agent, check with folks to see if that agent is responsive and helpful

Closely compare offers.

Review several offers with your agent. Does the policy include any exclusions that would affect you? Are there any additional coverages and benefits written into your policy? What values do these carriers offer?

Your local independent agent is a part of your community. They support local businesses. Their children likely go to school in the same school system as yours. They in in touch with your way of life and often your values. Sandi Purinton, Jill Johnson, and Patrick Johnson with The Insurance Connection are local, independent agents. Contact them at 478-374-2085 or 678-439-8757 to get a free insurance quote and review today.