Business Income and Indirect Loss Coverage – Does my Nonprofit need it? Imagine your non-profit has suffered a catastrophic property loss, such as a fire or tornado.  You know that your insurance policy covers the damage to your building and business personal property.  What about other expenses that might come up, such as renting a space while yours is being repaired/replaced?  What about the income that you might lose if you are a thrift store which is unable to operate? Or a school with nowhere to put students?  What if you end up paying a lot of overtime to employees to help put the pieces of your organization back together?

Business Income and Indirect Loss insurance protects you from these “indirect” losses that occur from “direct” losses.  Business Income and Indirect Loss insurance covers things like loss of income and extra expenses such as rent, utility bills, taxes, among others, that are a result of an insurable property loss. Business income is an important insurance coverage that can get your organization back on track after an unexpected loss.

Often this is a coverage that goes overlooked. As a result, some nonprofit organizations are underinsured in this area. It’s common to have a “this would never happen to us” mentality.  Instead, it is helpful to ask, “what would our nonprofit organization do if something like this happened to us?”  Usually, the loss is far greater than you would have imagined.

How do you know if you need this coverage?  Ask your agent for a Business Income calculator or worksheet.  It will guide you through all the possible financial blows of a catastrophic loss. 

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