The Christmas season is a great time of year to have an impact on your local community! Christmas Eve services can be an effective outreach tool for your church. Here are 5 tips that will help make your Christmas Eve service event as special as possible.

Advertise Whether your church uses direct mail or yard signs, it’s important to get the word out about your Christmas service early. Don’t forget about social media. Marketing your service on social media can help your church reach people who otherwise may not attend church at any other time during the year.

Provide childcare Christmas eve is a time for families. Providing childcare for infants and toddlers will not only help parents, but also the church service.

Recruit volunteers Christmas Eve is a great opportunity to get people in your church to serve! You will most likely need parking teams, stagehands, and childcare workers.

Keep the message short! Keeping the message short will help to keep people engaged. Your pastor’s message needs to only be about 10 minutes during the Christmas Eve service.

Sing Christmas carols What would Christmas be without carols? Carols define and set the tone for the entire Christmas season. Singing carols during your Christmas Eve service is a great way to celebrate the birth of Christ. When it comes to music, you can either have the entire congregation sing along or you can have a special singer or two.

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