An independent insurance agent does not add to your cost of insurance, yet an independent insurance agent guides you through the process of obtaining adequate coverage at the best rate. They answer questions such as? How much insurance do I need? What is a fair price? Do I really need this particular insurance?

Independent agents are appointed with various carriers giving so they can offer clients a wider choice of products and the ability to shop each, finding you the best coverage for your value. Independent agents typically do not cost you any additional money since they are paid by the carriers that they represent. Their expertise allows them to advise you, their clients, about appropriate amounts of insurance for their specific needs

Finding an independent agent who you trust is key. You want feel comfortable considering their advice in order to benefit from their knowledge and experience. Your agent is there to protect your interests. Receiving personalized service and advice tailored to meet your specific needs is an independent agent’s specialty.

Often your independent agent will help you navigate the insurance “red tape” when you feel stuck, saving you your most valuable asset, time.

Your local independent agent is a part of your community. They support local businesses. Their children likely go to school in the same school system as yours. They in in touch with your way of life and often your values. Sandi Purinton with The Insurance Connection is a local agent. Contact her at 678-439-8757 or to get a free insurance quote and review.

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