No matter what your business is, having the right type of insurance coverage is essential to the sustainability of your organization. When it comes to your nonprofit, you are in need of insurance coverage that is tailored specifically to your needs. There are some important factors that are sometimes overlooked when it comes to insurance for nonprofits.


Here are 7 nonprofit insurance tips that you can’t afford to miss:


1.    Nonprofit Equals Risk

Even though nonprofits are focused on community involvement and serving others, they still hold the same amount of risk as any other business.  It does not matter if the nonprofit is a food or medical bank, a school, or religious affiliation, they all possess great risk.  Because of these risks, insurance for non-profits is a must.


2.    Go with a Knowledgeable Agent

You need to have an insurance company that knows and specializes in non-profit insurance.  Therefore, it is necessary to have an insurance company like GuideOne on your team.  With our vast non-profit experience, we will consult with you and help you decide on the best insurance to protect your non-profit organization.


3.    Liability Insurance is a Must

All nonprofits need general liability insurance.  This insurance will vary greatly depending on a lot of differing factors like the number of members in the organization, the square footage of any buildings, etc.


4.    You Will Need D & O Insurance

Nonprofit organizations also need directors and officer’s liability insurance to protect those working for the organization. This type of coverage also includes board members who risk being personally liable for certain incidences not covered under general liability coverage.


5.    Automotive Insurance is a Great Idea for Most Non-Profits.

Automotive insurance will be necessary for any non-profit owned vehicles. You also must take into account employees or volunteers that might be driving vehicles while at work for your nonprofit.


6.    There is a Special Insurance to Cover Fundraisers and Events.

Many nonprofit organizations would benefit from special event insurance. This type of insurance covers your organization from potential conflicts with fundraisers and other special events that the organization may hold.


7.    Insurance is Confusing. 

Insurance for nonprofits can be very confusing.  Write down a list of questions that you have about your insurance coverage and have it close by when speaking to your insurance agent.  This way you can make sure that you get all your questions answered by your trusted insurance agent.

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